June 21st 2009- Altered State, Rotting Out, Backtrack @ the Corpse Fortress

It was a pleasantly cool summer evening.  Dayron Soul and Jen put this show together.  All the bands on the bill were on tour.  Turnout was light and there was some tension – a highlight of which was when Soul Control’s drummer bailed on the set three songs in.  Naturally, in a world far too rote, the tension made the show all the better for this casual consumer.   B

I missed Wholehearted and arrived during Altered State, who I’ve seen at the CF before.  This three piece creates ominous, menacing metallic-influenced hardcore, offering both sweet riffs and the pummeling repetition of them. These dudes also seem to have a good sense of humor and were happy when I called their music “ominous and menacing.”  A-

Rotting Out’s guitarist dressed like Ice Cube circa 1992, and I’ll be God damned to Hell if this fast hardcore band isn’t from the City of Angels. This band’s melodic and tough, with some rap-influenced vocal phrasing and a lot of straight-ahead hardcore punk.  “Yo, this is a new one. It’s called ‘Vandalize.'”  They did more shilling than I would have liked ended with a cover of “Minor Threat.”  A

Backtrack plays a mix of styles of hardcore.  I think their best stuff is their groove-y stuff, and I am completely serious about that.  They have the groove, but not in a hippie way, naturally.  For about 10 seconds they sounded like Alice In Chains, though.  Wiggerish tendencies.  I am not a fan of the high-pitched vocals.  At some point I noticed that there  were no women in the basement.  I think this band would have gone over well at the U-Turn, and I mean that as a compliment.   Backtrack are tough, army-lookin’ dudes.  B

Soul Control played three songs and then the drummer peaced, bolted, gone.  The singer did a brief Q&A (nice save) and I learned that he is from upstate New York.  I never got to talk to him about Saranac Lake, though.  From what I heard, they sounded something like Refused or even Rage Against the Machine and I know that only shows my woefully limited education, vision and imagination.  B

Seen on the Scene
Something Crucial Records chief impresario, Ambrose N., was in the house.  Later, in the parking lot outside, he was spotted chatting with former members of his stable, unstable-looking fellows who were in the ‘Crucial band Timber.

Scoop:  A post-Timber project is in the works which will feature some material written before the band’s dissolution.

Overall:  Good show, but not enough celebrities.  B.


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