Back in the Game

The fans have been clamoring for another post. Hungry for their approval and acclaim, I oblige their wishes. Everywhere I venture, it’s, “Write an article about that,” or, “Put this in your blog and smoke it.”
So, here’s what’s been going on:
A ton of shows at the Corpse Fortress, a few shows at other spots and a few venues (Al-Fish, Girl Cave, D.C. Mini Gallery) being put out of their sick, pathetic misery. I have been notably absent. A king cannot mingle too often among his subjects.

Frantic Onslaught, Lion of Judah, Give and Juice Tyme! played the Corpse Fortress. This was a tight show run by Zack Grey World. Zack is a local dude in his early 20s who goes by Zizzack on the internet and has emerged as a reliable promoter on the hardcore/punk scene. It seems like a lot of the shows Zizzack does are co-productions, but as far as I could tell, he was holding down the tight fort by his lonesome this evening. This show got a really decent turnout, especially for a night where there were two very solid, very competing local shows (TMLE, Transgression, etc. @ the 3rd St. Co-op & FEAR, Agent Orange, etc. @ Jaxx). I’d guess there were around 70 people there, maybe 40 paid. (editor’s note: Zack told me later that my estimate was way low).
Juice Tyme are reviewed very capably below. Suffice it to say that I found them “challenging.”
Frantic Onslaught are a sick hardcore band with contemporary tendencies, meaning that the mosh parts are metallic and even anthemic, while the fast parts are particularly uptempo. FxOx has 2 screamers. I have seen the drummer at shows for years. Notorious provocateur Garybird plays bass in this band. They have accomplished a lot in their year or so on the scene, but are apparently going on hiatus because acclaimed guitarist Tim Lorndale is moving to Vancouver for college, in true Minor Threat fashion. This band has t-shirts with the phrase “Day After Day” on them, which is a strange coincidence. Maybe we have some of the same influences. Ha!
FxOx’s set was remarkably short. It seemed like they spent longer trying to find a working guitar head than playing their four songs (three originals and a cover that sent James Willette diving into the pit with alacrity).
After their set, Tim said that even had FxOx not spent ages trying to find a working head their set would have lasted around 10 minutes. He seemed serious. I told him that it was nice to see a straight-edge band beset by such technical difficulties. “We’re not a straight-edge band,” he replied. “Majority straight-edge,” I retorted. “Have you heard?” he inquired with interest. “There’s been an edge-break.”
Give played second-to-last and offered an extremely polished and melodic set of groovy indie/alternative topped by hardcore barks. Mystery housemate #1 disagrees with this assessment, saying Give sounds like Rites of Spring.
I went home before L.O.J. played.

Scene on the Scene:
Moshpit king Roger, beatnik poet Miguel, James D (the Guilt), Oz (the Commie Pinkos), Orion (Ilsa) and a lot of unfamiliar faces.

As I was leaving, James Willette asked me to “write an article about this handshake.” Done. Oz asked me to “write an article about” his quest to make Tim Lorndale t-shirts. Done

Grade: A

August 1
Psi-Dog’s Revenge

Psi-Dog put this show on. Psi-Dog is a writer, tech-wizard, six string shredder, etc. I think he’s like 23, is a college graduate, is very concerned about attracting STDs and plies his craft in the notorious Coits, a band termed “the bad boys of D.C. rock” by none other than Al Acosta!
Psi-Dog hasn’t put together many shows – or any at all, really – but he thinks he knows everything about “the game” and “the scene” and is trying to keep Maryland metal on the map at the Corpse Fortress after the untimely departure of housemate and metal-master Alex Martin. Naturally, I was looking forward to watching Psi-Dog fall on his face with this hubristic venture, but, unfortunately for me, the evening was a massive success.

The following is a list of bands that played with Psi-Dogg’s descriptions of them:

Inter Arma — (progressive, psychedelic blackened thrash/doom/shred RVA touring band, excellent live show)

Balaclava — (dynamic punk/metal RVA touring band)

Ilsa — (DC’s heaviest band, period.)

Revolta — (Annapolis’ power trio: crusty thrash)

Corporeal — (Vicious raw black metal from Baltimore)

So, anyway, this show was fun and most people seemed to have a good time, except for mystery housemate #4 who was very aggrieved that the performance went on so late. So, ha, Psi-Dogg! Guess you don’t know everything! (just kidding).


Monday, July 27th @ Corpse Fortress

Just Die! (rad hc/punk from Asheville, NC)
I Decide (punx)
Transgression (more punx)
Commie Pinkos (punx)

James D put this show on. Excellent turnout. James is the man. Commie Pinkos brought the mosh. Jimmy Pinko lives at the Corpse Fortress now.


Quick Review of 8/4 Fear show from poster “Dave” on
– missed the opening bands
– DI sounded awesome and played all the hits
– Agent Orange: Haven’t seen them in over 20 yrs. Man, how I wish that was the last time I saw them. Palm’s voice was SHOT, they played all the songs 10x faster, and the drummer was doing fills all over the place, making the songs even worse.
– FEAR – awesome. Typical Ving banter but the dude is almost 60 and has a creepy little chuckle now. His voice is still great.

The crowd: mostly ultra-punx whom I’ve never seen before. Some fossils.


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