Tenement, Disciples of Christ @ the 3rd St. Co-Op

This show was packed and the crowd was full of celebrities. The A list included Nicktape (Coke Bust), Jean (Chugga Chugga, Turboslut), Maurice Alvarado (A Warm Gun, Lost // Again, etc.) and  James Doubek (the Guilt).
I hadn’t been to “the Coop” before.  It’s in a different part of town than I traditionally frequent, which is nice. The house seemed reasonably well-appointed and a largely typical D.C. show house.
“The Coop” branded itself a “safe space” with a huge banner, which I found unspeakably offensive.
The basement show space was reasonably large and insufferably hot. It was a cool evening, though, so I headed back outside to hunt for celebrity gossip.
Other stars spotted on the scene included Max (the Twats, Friendly Fire), Alex Attas (The Black Powder Fuzzbox), Brendan (Ilsa),  Jubert (Coke Bust), Psi-Dogg (The Coits of the Future), Fil (Give Me Back), Brad (Lost // Again), Garrett (Ilsa), KC (Starve), Zizzack (Grey World) and members of the Feed and the Fordists. A special mention must be made of Debron; this dude is high spirited.
This show marked the end of Jen Hauser’s stint in D.C. It lasted roughly an earth year, I think. She promoted and worked this show, which was an enormous success.
The after-party was held at a group house named the Worm Hole and it went late, believe it or not.

Was Pat Vogel there? Yes. He left early, accompanied by an attractive blonde.


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