10-19-09, Lotus Fucker, Sista Sekunden, more @ The Lighthouse

10-19-09, Lotus Fucker, Sista Sekunden, more @ The Lighthouse

It was a cold Monday night. I say that because only last week the temperature was in the 70s. The show was at the Lighthouse, and it was one of their last. Apparently everyone is moving out November 1st, and I was told they only have one more show after tonight.
I arrived late as usual. The show was advertised as 7 pm SHARP, but of course, punks are never punk-tual (I’m funny). There were maybe 20-35 people there, including bands.

Side rant:
I think we need to do away with advertising shows at a certain time “sharp.” I don’t think I have ever been to a show that started when it said it would start. Pretty much no matter what, most people won’t show up before 8 on a weeknight. It is outlined in Section 22, Paragraph 7, of the Rules of Punk that “punk time” is to be used when referring to the starting time of shows. That is why people show up an hour after the time advertised. And advertising a show as “sharp” is an attempt to say, “Hey we are breaking the rules here! Punk time be damned!”
But it never seems to work. And I don’t think it ever will.

End rant.

I missed No Minion but I have seen them before. Super fast, 3 or 4 chord, no-nonsense hardcore. I doubt that any of their songs are longer than a minute. No mosh parts, just an angry guy with a beard.

I didn’t get the name of the next band that played but I heard they were from Baltimore. Pretty standard punk, seems like the type you could find in any basement show around the country. Mid-tempo parts, some moderately fast parts. Nothing about them really stood out for me. I was wearing earplugs and sometimes (I guess it depends on where I’m standing) bands just sound like a loud heavy noise and I can’t really make out any individual notes or chord changes, and unfortunately that’s how this band sounded to me. The guitarist had trouble tuning his guitar which gives them additional punk points.

The cops came a few songs into their set and they had to stop for a few minutes. They played two more songs because Blam wanted to make sure Sista Sekunden got a chance to play in case the show was shut down later on.

Sista Sekunden was next. There is a reason why Swedish bands are so hyped in the U.S.
They played extremely tight, fast, energetic hardcore. They had some cool call-and-response vocal parts, and were a little melodic, but not too melodic, the type that I think sounds just right. (Although you can’t really tell because at most shows the vocals are never loud enough.) There were tempo changes, stops and starts, all that good stuff that makes bands sound tight live. They played a cover of “Hope” by the Descendents and a few people sang along, but overall Sista Sekunden didn’t get a big reaction from the audience. But then again, in DC it’s rare if you do get a reaction.

Lotus Fucker played next. I was alerted to the start of their set by their singer Dan screaming. They played for about ten minutes or so. Lotus Fucker is heavily influenced by Japanese hardcore. The last time I saw them that I remember was almost a year ago, and since then they have had a few lineup changes and gotten a little slower and heavier. I think they sounded better than the last time I saw them. Dan has a great style of moving around and getting in people’s faces when he sings/screams. You won’t find any hooks or melodies in Lotus Fucker’s music, just abrasive, fast, and sometimes slow and punishing noise and screaming. It’s ferocious hardcore punk for the hardcore punks. Anyone else couldn’t take it.
Good show for a Monday night, pretty much what I expected. I bought the new Sista Sekunden LP and went back into the cold.
Was Pat Vogel there? Yes.

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