Rattler at Asylum

Y’all might be pleased to know that that kid Buckets or whatever from Velvet Lounge got his ass stomped last nite by this band Rattler outside Asylum.
They were getting rowdy and drunk on stage or whatever, they broke a mic (apparently Buckets books bands at Asylum too?) and he was getting pissed and trying to not pay them or something.  He gave them a stupid speech about “trying so hard to be rock stars” and “you kids think you’re so cool,” etc.  Well, the following went down shortly afterward while I was outside trying to bum a jack, shortly before last call:
Talk came to shout and shout came to push and push came to shove and shove came to straight beating this dude’s ass.  I was about 13 sheets to the wind myself, but it seemed like there were 8 dudes in the band.  They had this guy down in the basement doorway of Asylum, which is a small, sharp angular concrete area concealed by a low concrete overhang with about 6 shallow steps going down to the doorway with iron banisters on each wall.  Early this morning, the stairwell doubled as a beat box, if you will.  The greasy Rattler punks, clad in DIY muscle tees and red ‘doo-rags, threw Buckets down those concrete steps and proceeded to beat his ass.
We’re talking hay-makers to both eyes, nose, mouth, and kicks in his stomach.  At one point one of the Rattlers turned him around and slammed his forehead into the concrete wall.  It was pornographic. Once Rattler was satisfied, one of them pulled out a beer bong from his waist and poured a PBR tall boy into the funnel and his bandmate crushed it.  Then they went back inside to dance with some chicks.  Then Buckets emerged, his stupid Mexican wedding shirt ripped and torn, his face battered.  He was screaming and shouting obscenities, so the doorman refused to grant him reentry.  Buckets proceeded to furiously bang on the glass windows, calling for Rattler to come back out, but of course the music was too loud inside and their work was through anyhow. My friend saw him this morning at work.  She said he has a cartoonish-sized lump in the center of his huge forehead, two black eyes, a busted lip, and is covered in bruises.


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