Torche, Lemuria, Sick Fix, Ilsa, Transgression

At the Electric Maid, May 27, 2010

By Daniel Jubert

I’m going to level with you. I didn’t show up to this show on time. I ended up waiting for someone who took a lot longer getting home than they said they would. Eventually I left without her, but that’s not important. What was important was that this was the show before my brother left me to go to Kentucky, so this show was a good way to celebrate.
On the way there I kept trying to tell him that Torche doesn’t suck and that Ambrose and Toner have shitty taste in music (most people do). I think he eventually believed me.
Mark (he’s my brother; he looks like me, but with more Jewish features) was really trying to see Transgression, so I (I am not Jewish) felt bad when we showed up halfway through Ilsa set. When I rolled up there was a fuckload of people. We soon learned that it was illegal to be on the sidewalk, so we hung out in a parking lot like all true punk rockers do when they aren’t at shows.
They are a pretty sick band. Zack Chumley is a great American and added me on Facebook before I knew who he was. He is tall and therefore will likely make more money than me over the course of our respective live, but I am cool with that; it’s not about the money, it’s about having a good time.
They recorded a tape that was mostly songs from their demo and I think one or two new songs. The tape has a lot better recordings of the tracks than the demo does. I wish they did more, but everyone goes to school. Zack said they are planning on touring this summer. Good for them. They were really cool at the last show so they get an 83/100.

I don’t know what ILSA sounds like. I think they are a metal band or something. I like Black Sabbath. I like Iron Maiden. I can get down. I think someone from this band pushed Ian Mills into some crusties.
WHAT HE DID: Made the crusties a peace offering of some mostly empty 40s.
WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE DONE: Told the crusties that if they didn’t like high school juniors thrown at them, they could get back on that train home. 62/100.

I don’t know why Lemuria played third. I feel like they are the only band on b9 that played this show.
I stood in the back as Michelle from Sick Fix sang the words to me and danced.
They played pretty good but I don’t really listen to Lemuria as much as I used to.
Oh yeah: Holy Christ, Chris, how did you get the idea of Lemuria and Sick Fix playing together?
That is show gold.
I have no idea why no one tried that.
Lemuria kept it short, which was cool, and then when people wanted more they played a song that I think was off their new record that no one heard or was that into maybe: Respect. 81/100.

Sick Fix
So Sick Fix has been slacking hard on shows lately. This is their second show of 2010. Both shows were within a week. Weird.
Anyway, show enthusiast Greg Mazur was standing near me at their last show. As previously indicated, sometimes Greg Mazur really enthused by the bands that are playing at shows.
Sick Fix was no exception. He was doing this thing where he was punching the air to show Sick Fix how much he liked them and ended up elbowing me in the lip.
I’ve seen SF so many times when I wasn’t just elbowed in the lip that I wasn’t as stoked on that set.
The Electric Maid set ruled, though. Maybe it was because they were louder or maybe it was because Lemuria had just played but it sounded so hard. Elise and Melanie tried to make fun of me for being cooler than them but I totally didn’t care because Sick Fix’s set was way hard. Jeremy’s bass kept cutting out, so no one got to hear his space mosh solo thing. I’ve seen Sick Fix many times, and this set reminded me why I was stoked on them. Pat Vogel says they have two new songs, but I’ll believe it when I hear it. 88/100.

Torche is a sick band. As they were setting up this old dude was all like, “The show’s shut down! Find a new place for the show.”
He was rambling about how shit was in the ’80s, or whatever.
Q: If the 80s were so cool, then why didn’t I exist then?
A: Black Sabbath is God.
Eventually the show got moved to Corpse Fortress, which is a Wikipedia-approved D.C. tour venue only a couple of minutes (by car or bike) away from the ’Maid; both the Corpse Fort and the e-Maid are just over the District line, in Maryland.
Torche has been on tour with Coheed and Cambria, who apparently draw even though I feel like I haven’t heard their name mentioned or seen a shirt of them since like middle school. C&C sold out two days in a row at the 9:30 Club, which is like a 2,000 person venue in D.C., or whatever.
Anyways, I really respect Torche, because when Title Fight went on that similarly shitty tour they didn’t play any shows for the true punks, and I feel like Trapped under Ice doesn’t either when they go on their horrible package tours.
So, Torche had already played two shows in D.C. and one show in Baltimore and I can’t say for sure that I would be down to play for the fourth time in an area if I was in that situation, especially after a last-second venue change when all of my band’s shit was already out of the van.
I kept freaking out that the show wouldn’t happen, but it did.
At the Corpse Fortress, the microphone sucked for part of the set and then didn’t work at all.
The crowd kept wanting more and Torche gave it to them. They really seem into what they’re doing. The crowd definitely got a little too Oz Fest-y for me and there were a lot of random-ass kids. Regardless, Torche fucking rocked. They played for over an hour. Sick set. 85/100

Cool kids
– Tim Mullaney(a grinding version of me)
– Michelle (from Sick Fix(on tour with Coke Bust (drummer of Magrudergrind!)))
– Nick Popovici (non-Jewish member of TMLE)
– Jeremy Evans (of Hate Crimes fame)
– Chris Moore (from a band that covered “Liza and Louise,” by NOFX)
– Dan Harp (From school/ska bands)
– Pat Vogel (fill-in bassist for coke bust)
– The guy in Torche that recognized me


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