Breaking News: Evans Bows Out

Last night, DC hardcore scene mainstay Jeremy Evans announced via an exclusive interview with dayafterdaydc that he is leaving both Coke Bust and Sick Fix due to his reluctance to tour.
Last night’s show at the Corpse Fortress – which commemorated Sick Fix’s five years ripping the scene – marked Evans’ last gig with the venomous core-tet.
Evans, 34, remarked that he’s accomplished all he set out to with his bands – touring widely in America, touring Europe, etc. – and that he wants to use his time off from work for more rejuvenative pursuits.
Evans told dayafterdaydc that, like countless HC warlords before him, he wants to pursue solo acoustic music. Dayafterday was incredulous, but Evans indicated that he was serious. He said he loves Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Dayafterday directed him to the Pete Seeger interview posted on this very website.
The preceding is a breaking news brief. For more on this developing story – and for more news and views on yr community – please visit dayafterday again with alacrity.


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