Coke Bust Releases Formal Statement to Day After Day

Day After Day Community,

Coke Bust would like to formally declare to you, first, that James Willet will be joining the band to fill Jeremy Evans’ shoes on guitar.
James Willet is a 24-year old Montgomery County, MD native (like the rest of his bandmates) who currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
He will be relocating back to the DC area to join the band and to see his girlfriend more often.
Choosing a member to replace Jeremy was no easy task. He is a very precise and skilled guitar player, and has always written quality riffs to bring to practice. The three of us have high expectations for Willet.
As we have expressed to Jeremy, we sincerely wish him the best with the new endeavors life brings him and thank him for his years of dedication and work ethic.
We are all a fan of Evans’ songwriting and look forward to his future output no matter what the genre.
The band hopes that the addition of Willet will allow Coke Bust to tour more, and continue the band’s core mission of “world domination.”
Evans will play one final show with Coke Bust in Philadelphia at the annual “This is Hardcore” festival.
Willet will make his debut with the band in California in October on his first tour.
There have been talks of more full United States, European, and Southeast Asian tours to follow.

Coke Bust


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