The Feed, Step Dads at Wasted Dream – Wednesday, July 27

This show made me pleased not only that I live in D.C., but that I am alive.
The Feed: The audience was rapturous; the performance was revelatory. According to what I overheard, this was the Feed’s best, and possibly last, show. I can say from significant personal experience that it’s hard to walk away after a gig like that. The fans hope they’ll be back.
The Feed is a five-piece from NoVa that has been around for a few years. They are young (and are about to get decimated by college, in true Minor Threat fashion), but nonetheless they love, love, love Nirvana. Despite their oft-avowed love for Nirvana, they don’t actually sound like Nirvana. Their music is more complex and heavy, without much melody, but with waves of ripping riffs. There’s no quiet/loud verse/chorus/verse. As I recall, it’s basically all loud.  
The Feed present a unique spin on hardcore punk, but are still generally fast w/intense screaming (ftw); they sound fresh to me, though they are doubtless heavily influenced by bands I’m not privy to.
Sacrum’s drummer is the singer of this band. Here are my notes from the show: “The Feed = punk/HC done right”.
I sorely wish I’d brought my video camera to capture what went on in that basement; it was special. Sadly, you’ll never see it. Fortunately, I’ll never forget it.
After booking and playing a great show, the Feed had one more treat in store for me.
When I settled into my cubicle the following day and immediately visited their derelict Myspace page, I was amazed to hear a long sample from Allen Iverson’s “We talkin’ about practice!” soliloquy. I was momentarily stunned – that has always been one of my favorite soliloquies. A solitary tear majestically rolled down my face as I pondered the wonders of intergenerational solidarity before I wiped it away and checked to see if anyone had commented on my blog. A+.  
Step Dads also offered an inspiring set that evening. They sound like a rock ’n’ roll Refused, an insight I relayed to a member of the group. With complete sincerity, he replied, “That’s awesome. I’m going to post that as soon as I get to my phone.”
Actually, they sound like a cross between a rock ‘n’ roll Refused and Rage Against the Machine with a punk screamer, which suits my aesthetic preferences to a T (for Troops of Tomorrow).
I told a member of the band that they sound like Rage Against the Machine, and he said, “We try to convey that.”
The band – which is based in and around Bloomington, Indiana – also cited Fugazi, Black Flag, the Beatles, and Nirvana as primary influences. A+.
They covered “Personal Jesus” the right way – like Marilyn Manson.
The audience at this show was notably young; Step Dads conjectured that they and I might be the only people legally able to drink that evening.
For all Step Dads’ considerable prowess, they were only recently saved from mediocrity when their original singer quit (via facebook! uberlolz) and new singer Emily descended upon them, lyrics in hand, as from heaven. She’d never been in a band before; one would never have guessed that she’s a neophyte due to her presence and vocal delivery.
If you want to check out Step Dads with their previous, inferior lineup, check out their bandcamp page.
Emily had been in the band for under a month when Step Dads embarked on the three week tour that brought them to Wasted Dream. A+      
After the show everyone talked about Nirvana while Emily fiended. For once, I related. A+
Seen on the Scene: James Doubek (the Sniffs, the Guilt), Rachel Atcheson (Rachel Pictures), Ian Mills (Body Cop)
Did Chris Henley book this show? Yes
Was Pat Vogel there: No!
Did the touring band mention how much they like Coke Bust and Sick Fix? Yes!


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