Rachel Atcheson’s Pictures: Scenes from the Scene, Courtesy of the Scene’s Preeminent Photographer Circa 2008-2011

I love darkness, as illustrated by these photos. This was taken near Alexandria.
Suis La Lune. I love this photo because of the composition; he really fills the frame.
Primary colors gone crazy.
The Aftermath at the Electric Maid
The Aftermath at the Electric Maid. I skipped my senior prom to be at that show, and it was totally worth it. DANG is that a lot of males; where da females at? Oh, hardcore: how I love and hate thee.
Carlos from Police & Thieves; this photo was taken about two years ago, back when D.C. Mini Gallery was open. Mindset played the show too; it was pretty surprising how few people were there. Mindset rules so hard and that's the smallest show I've ever seen. I'd say there were about 20 to 30 people there.
Witch Hunt a few years ago at Alfishawy Cafe. “The People’s Media Center at Alfishawy Cafe” was an Internet cafe on Georgia Avenue near the Petworth subway stop which used to be a notorious strip club and then became much, much weirder. So many shows used to happen there, featuring so many speeches by the owner/manager (or whatever she was) who would try and plug different events, causes, etc. and get you to do stuff for her. Up the female-fronted hardcore!
I went to Arlington Cemetery, got on a hill, and took this shot. I love how when you blow up the picture you can read most of the tombstones.
Bracewar (pretty sure?) at the Corpse Fortress, 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe that was the show Anton Rough played for three minutes; my memory is not so hot.
Lucas from Control (that band that was basement punk and called Broken Bodies, then became the hardcore band Control, then went back to their roots with amazing music and a new singer as Broken Bodies). Anyway, I believe this was at a show that a band called "Ante Up" played as well, at a space in NoVa called Murky Coffee. I believe it was in Clarendon; sweet spot, and it was close to the subway.
This is a friend of mine from high school who has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
A friend from high school and I used to go to Eastern Market most weekends and grab some treats (before I went vegan and learned that most bakeries don’t offer vegan treats). This is from a stand that sells hand-made dolls (still sells ’em, too).