Nicktape: This Blog Is Busted!

Crucial NickTape interview ftw.

Is hardcore a sub-genre of punk?
NickTape: To me it is and should be, yes.

Are you a punk?
I prefer to think of myself as a dude living his life.

What are your top 5 favorite memories of the Coits?
1) Seeing Simon solo in a hockey jersey from the same league I played in, before I knew Simon
2) Watching Ms. Cole skateboarding on broken glass during a Coits set
3) Punching a keyboard during a Coits set
4) Drumming for the Coits
5) All things Seth Feinberg

Why aren’t the Coits more popular?
The Coits aren’t more popular for a few reasons:
1) They are a difficult band to book
2) The artwork makes people think they are a middle school punk band
3) The Coits are too punk for easy consumption and popularity
4) The Coits are highly disorganized, and this has stifled their ability to accomplish goals.

What does DayAfterDayDC provide to the local community? What should the site improve?
It gives me another outlet to promote my shows!
Saturday, Feb 11th in DC: LASHING OUT, BLOCKHEAD, MISLED YOUTH, PHIBES! $5-10 sliding scale. 8pm. Benefit for So Others Might Eat.
The site could be improved by providing more underage heathen accounts of shows.

Are you pleased with the progress of Why or Why not?
There is no more progress to be made. It serves it purpose. I have the admin tool to “message all” and let everyone know about my shows coming up. Promoting shows has becoming marginally easier.

Who are your favorite posters on, and why?
I will always enjoy reading Parsons’ posts. He’s an angry dude and speaks his mind. That’s always worth something.

I love LonelyRock’s posts, just because I feel like he is on an alternate universe in a way that is neither good nor bad. For example, I remember him writing about playing in a high school pop punk band with a bunch of girls that only wanted to play music with him because they found him attractive, and he quit. He’s a very interesting person. I usually find myself disagreeing with him, but still look forward to reading his posts.

What’s coming up for Coke Bust?
We’re going to tour Europe for 6 weeks this summer, write a new record and hopefully eventually tour the following places: Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia and South East Asia.

What do Magrudergrind and Coke Bust have in common? What differentiates the bands?
We share a drummer, record label, geographic origin, and appreciation for fast music.
I think we are different in our audience that we play to, types of shows we play, straight edge label, presence of a bassist, genre, tuning, etc.

Is this the first benefit show you’ve booked?
Surprisingly enough, it is. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to doing. I would always have my plate full trying to help out touring bands, and it’s tough making those shows benefits when bands need to get paid. I’ve done a few partial benefits with We Are Family, where instead of paying for a venue you just use a church space and give money to the cause. But I’m not going to count that because the original intent wasn’t for the cause.

Are you “doin’ it for the cause”?
Most definitely.

Why did you pick S.O.M.E. as the beneficiary?
DC has a huge homeless population and I wanted to do something for them. Most states are experiencing a rise in homelessness with the recession, and with budgets tighter than ever I think those who are able to step up and contribute should. I did some background research on local organizations and S.O.M.E. looked real legit. I used to work in Georgetown and I would pass a ton of homeless people every day. I did my best to hook them up with food from Trader Joe’s or extra food that I scrounged up around the office at leftover meetings (I also donated all of my unwanted Valentine’s Day candy to the homeless FTW), but I always wanted to help out in a bigger way. In the end it won’t flip the city upside down, but whatever amount raised will be significant. I’m hoping to get more involved in the future.

Is Asefu’s the new Corpse Fortress? Why?
There will never be another Corpse Fortress. Asefu’s is just a bar off U St. The Corpse Fortress was like a demilitarized zone.

Is Asefu’s the new U-Turn?
Not really. The U-Turn catered to a very specific crowd within the DC punk scene. I think Asefu’s is a little more all-inclusive.

Why did you pick the bands that are on the bill for this show?
I loved Crispus Attucks, No Justice, and 86 Mentality… so I really wanted to get BLOCKHEAD to play. Them being named after one of my favorite D.R.I. songs didn’t hurt either.

LASHING OUT approached me about it being their first show. 

Jubert is my bro so I wanted to get MISLED YOUTH.

Last but not least, PHIBES are a cool band from New Jersey that nobody down here knows about so I wanted them to play too. All the bands were cool with the $$ situation.

What are your top 5 favorite shows in 2011?
Tough to say, buy 
1) Night Fever @ Corpse Fortress
2) Last Corpse Fortress show
3) Youth of Today at U St. Music Hall
4) Slapshot @ U St. Music Hall
5) Face the Rail + Coke Bust at Asefu’s

How many shows have you booked?
I don’t keep track. I’m going to estimate that it’s around 40-50? I booked my first show when I was 16. But I really started booking alot more when Coke Bust started.

Are you living with your folks? If so, is this a source of joy or shame?
I do live with my parents. I moved back to their house to conserve funds after quitting my job and starting a business. It’s conducive with not yet really having a stable income. I’m making some money now, but I think I’ll just stay at my parents’ house for a bit. I always eat really healthy food when I live here, and I’m trying to get ripped… so that works out well. We’ll see if it happens…. I like being able to watch ice hockey games with my father on a semi-regular basis. Not to mention it’s nice having cheap rent when you’re away on tour a lot, like I will be this summer.

To answer your question, there is definitely no shame in my living situation, but I wouldn’t say that it is the most joyous pad either.


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