Ryan C Reviews ICE CREAM SOCIAL @ The Rocketship Wed. Aug 10th w/ Rag Rage, Very Very Sneaky

Procrastinating has always been my strong suit. Oftentimes I talk about doing things that I know I’ll never get around to, mostly because I’m swaddled in pot-infused self-absorption. Today, however, marks the beginning of a new era, a time where I actually finish the things I’ve barely started before getting blacked out and gorging myself on late-night pizza slices like a true D.C. denizen. Oh, brave new world!
Anyway, I have to admit, the only thing that initially grabbed my attention about this show was the fact that the flyer for it was shaped like an ice cream cone, and that the flyer, in fact, advertised ice cream.
I was pleased to learn that, along with the ice cream, there was gonna be not one, but two Chattanooga-based pop-punk bands playing the aforementioned “ice cream social.”
I know this is D.C., a hardcore Mecca where melody and hooks are nothing short of “soft” or “something I got over in high school,” but even the most grumpy, fun-hating, gangsta-rap lovin’, clean livin’ sober judges might have enjoyed their heads for these two awesome acts.
I actually bought the Rag Rage LP because I was so impressed with their set. The lead singer, a blonde-haired woman who fronted both bands, is a really talented vocalist and guitar player. Her vocal style is catchy and kinda gruff, somewhere in the mix between the lead singer of This Is My Fist and Brody Armstrong. I tend to prefer three-piece bands, especially in the sub-genre of pop punk (although I’m not sure these bands would identify themselves as such), because it’s more impressive to me when bands can bring it with only the bare minimum.
Anyway, to say this band was anything short of awesome would be a gross inaccuracy. The lead singer/guitarist ripped through the jams full of guitar leads and solos and brought a lot of good energy and better vibrations to the mix.
Next up was Very, Very Sneaky. They are a four piece with a similar sound as Rag Rage (I’m guessing because they share the same vocalist/songwriter!!). A little cleaner and a little more lead heavy, they had a mix of slower, catchier songs and driving jams à la Rag Rage. I preferred their set, only because I liked the mix of faster and slower “jams,” but Rag Rage has a lot more energy.
Well, I gotta wrap this up because I gotta make moves now, but all in all it was a pretty fun show. Thanks to the Rocketship for providing the venue, the people who brought the ice cream, soy cream, sorbet, and whatever, and to dchardcore.proboards.com user feelingroovy for harassi…er pushing me to finish this review.

(Editor’s note: This show made me glad I lived in D.C. and glad I was hip to the underground beat. It made me feel good about the choices I’ve made in my life – minor miracle. Special thanks to Fil, Rag Rage and Very, Very Sneaky for uplifting the downtrodden. Thanks to Ryan for writing this review. You procrastinated, so I decided to procrastinate too! Ha.
Rag Rage reminded me of a cross between the Dead Milkmen and the Distillers. A.
PS, thank you – yes, you – for reading.) 


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