Finally, Someone Documented D.C. Punk: “This Was My Night & This Was a Lot of Other Nights”

What do you get when a Muslim, a Christian, two atheist Jews, a Bard graduate, an animal rights advocate, Chris Suspect, Nick Tape, several vegan dog walkers, Loren Martin, Killer James, and a self-proclaimed dyed-in-the-wool scumbag of the highest order walk into an Ethiopian restaurant?

After a decade and a lot of diligent effort, you get this book.

Photo 2

Comprised of articles and photographs by the likes of John Bradley, Dave Poole, Simon Cohen, Hussain Mohammed, Rachel Atcheson, Allison Acosta, Killer James, James Willett, J. Haitchwai, and many others, “This Was My Night & This Was a Lot of Other Nights” includes reviews of the Max Levine Ensemble, Pentagram, the AKs, Give, Sick Fix, Ilsa, Fell Types, Coke Bust, Torche, Body Cop, Hysterics, Intent, Midnight Eye, Windhand, Wasted Time, Night Fever, Magrudergrind, Juice Tyme, Copstabber, the Guilt, Mindset, the Feed, Police and Thieves, Rag Rage, Anti-Flag, Triac, Laughing Man, Misled Youth, Spinebuster, D.O.C., and many more!

Photo 1

“This Was My Night & This Was a Lot of Other Nights” also includes interviews with Pat Vogel, Maurice Alvarado, Chris Moore, HR, Mark Andersen, Dave Brockie, Brian Baker, Ian Svenonius, Avi Kulawy, and Ian MacKaye.

Available at Smash, Vinyl Conflict, the Bookstore Plus,, Dave Poole’s house, and out of the trunk of my car.

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