I’ve thought for a long time that someone should do online show reviews to document our scene and, since no one seems to be doing so, I figured I’d start a blog.
I hope people are into this idea and I hope people want to comment on the blog, write reviews, etc. I’m eager to have help – both because I don’t want to do all the writing and cause I can’t make every show – so please hit me up if you’re interested in writing for this site.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. I really enjoy your style of writing. I love your posts.
    I’m from Lanham, MD but I’m in South Korea right now. Thanks for filling me in on what’s happening in the scene I’ve been absent from this year.
    PS – wanna add my mediocre blog to your blogroll?? =]

      1. wow. Tim? Looks like we virtually met 10 years ago when I was in Korea. I just poked around my music blog and found you, I guess. Glad to have met you IRL at Dag Nasty last night (BK Bazaar, 3/10/18).

        I wonder when you sill see this.

        -Steph (stephthornton0@gmail.com)

  2. Hi, I’m new to DC area, and generally new to the US, I came across this blog serching for any sources of information about upcoming shows. Do you have hc forum or sth where I can find more info?

  3. Hi, just read your Dennis Lyxzen’s interview (very interesting) and I asking myself if I can translate it in French so I can post it on my website. Just let me know if it sounds good to you.

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