Despise You, Magrudergrind, Sick Fix, Triac & Deathrats at St Stephen’s ftw

OK, so the day of the show it’s 12:30 in the afternoon and Chris Moore (Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, D.O.C., Sick Fix, search engine optimization ftw – Ed.) is calling me and texting me all like, “Bro, you gotta pick up Despise You from the airport!! You can get 50% of the door money,” and whatever. I was taking a test though, so Chris thought I was ignoring him, and he asked James Willett (Danke, Coke Bust, Crystal Piss) to drive my van, and instead of getting 59% of the door I only got like $15, which is cool, because I don’t like driving.

So we pick up Despise You and they are all very nice, very happy to be there, true D.I.Y. getting driven around in my parents’ minivan, sitting on my backpack instead of a real seat ftw.

We get to the venue and I hear that Extermination Angel dropped off, which is a total bummer. Their singer grew up really close to me supposedly, which is weird; there are cows on my road. Alex Martin lived near me (us?) too, and I am more confident of the truth of that statement ftw.

I didn’t watch DeathRats, but I already know that I don’t like them. Brian Lam has hooked it up in the Sticky Fingers department though, so they get 5 stars ftw.

Next up was Triac. It was their singer’s last show with the band, but they aren’t breaking up. I don’t remember the crowd going off that much, but I thought they were solid and so did Tim Mullaney probably ftw. If you need something recorded go to whatever Kevin’s recording studio is called ftw.

I already reviewed Sick Fix once before, but this time they had some fresh blood. Rob Santucci replaced Jeremy Evans (never forget) on bass and this was his first show with “the Fixxx.”

The very young crowd went off and Greg Mazur flexed his muscles.

I was really into how young the crowd was. It always seems like there are no younger kids that aren’t super dumb coming to shows (btw: being dumb rules ftw, ftw, ftw, ftw).

Sick Fix was as heavy as ever and I look forward to touring Europe with them this summer ftw.

Despise You was up next and they were pretty tight. They got a pretty good reaction and even covered “I Don’t Care About You” by Fear, even though they totally care and offered to pay for the parking at the airport.

They were tight enough for me to go to Richmond to see them again.

Magrudergrind was headlining the concert.

I’m pretty sure it was Magrudergrind that drew all the young people.

People went off for Magrudergrind like they always do, even though Magrudergrind are sellouts ftw.

Celebrity Sightings:

Dan Harp (ska)

Jason Toner (Aryan Troops of a Whiter Tomorrow) was there selling doughnuts to “help preserve his race”

Nolan (Disciples of Christ)

Sheena (Team Chocolate)

Ryan Zellman (most hated ’11)

Scott Carlson (new hardcore rock band Misled Youth)

Thank you for your time,

Daniel Jubert

Editor’s note: ftw


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